Custom Fitting Process

Custom Fitting Process

It's hard to pick out a pair of shoes that feel good. It's even harder to figure out a pair that feels good and will work for your mechanics to fight injury. At The Run House, we take the guess work out of it. We walk each and every person through our 5-step fitting process to find the best possible fit for you. No appointment necessary.

Learn about our fitting process below...  

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Getting to Know You

We like to understand our customers a bit more than other businesses! We may ask you a set of questions such as past/present injuries and pains, your exercise goals, and what kinds of activities you do!

Learning About Your Feet

Our foot scanner captures supreme information about feet, including length, width, girth, in-step, and arch height. It also provides a pressure gait analysis which indicates where ones feet would be prone to discomfort or pain. A 3D-model is then processed for us to review your scan with you. Best part about this? No additional cost!

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Watching You Walk

It is important to watch you walk to see any other movement within the ankles and feet. Here we look for any pronation to indicate the level of support and cushion you'll need within the shoes and insoles. 

Testing Them Out

Once we have a good idea of what will work for you, we narrow down the shoe wall to two or three great choices to test out. We'll watch you run/walk in them to ensure your gait walking barefoot matches you're running/walking gait in the shoes. We can get you most of the way to the perfect shoes, but what you feel on your feet is the most important part. We work with you from this point to find a good match. 

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Finishing Touches

Once we get a well fitting shoe, we look to minimize the pressure points in the feet, determined by the scan from earlier, with insoles that match each individual person.