Suffolk Short Course Classic + MORE!

Suffolk Short Course Classic + MORE!


      Fellow Bostonians and XC enthusiasts! The Annual Suffolk Short Course Classic ain't just your ordinary race; it's like finding a secret shortcut on the I-90 during rush hour. This is where we run hard, laugh harder, and gear up with snazzy new apparel like it's the latest Dunkin' flavor.

      So, you've been training through the endless Boston construction and dodging traffic jams that seem as never-ending as the T subway shutdowns. But now, it's time to conquer the cross country course at Historic Franklin Park, a place that shreds runner's legs with bear cage hill annually.

      Picture this: You cross the finish line, sweaty and victorious, and that's when it hits you – our Live Merch Store! It's like stumbling upon a hidden gem in the heart of the North End. From personalized Meet Merch to Suffolk Team Merch that'll have your name shining brighter than the Zakim Bridge at night, and as unique as a Boston accent.

      Whether you're a outta townah, a seasoned Bostonian, or a student still trying to figure out where to get the best chowdah, our collection lets you have a piece of the the annual Suffolk Short Course Classic. it’s a keepah!